Next generation transparent conductive coating HeiQ ECOS

Learn more about the highly functional surface coating HeiQ ECOS. HeiQ ECOS formulations can be coated on a variety of substrates and open a wide range of applications. In this webinar we present exciting applications in more detail, such as low E coatings that reflect up to 85% heat radiation and dramatically improve insulation properties or transparent electrodes that are used in printable photovoltaics. Listen to our speakers from research and industry as they present real life examples.

Our speakers are:

  • Dr. Oliver Zech, CEO of HeiQ RAS
  • Dr. Michael Niggemann, Founder & Managing Director at Enerthing
  • Dr. Andreas Distler, Group Leader OPV at Friedrich-Alexander University
  • Dr. Jochen Manara, Head of Group Advanced Thermal Management at Center for Applied Energy Research

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Learn more about HeiQ ECOS

​HeiQ ECOS, our silver wire coating technology, is revolutionizing the state of the art in conductive transparent surfaces. The patented silver wire technology is transparent and has excellent electrical properties. Coatings based on HeiQ ECOS allow surface resistances of a few ohms to several megohms per unit area.

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