HeiQ XReflex in action – Elevating Heat Retention for textiles

November 22, 2023 | 09:00-09:45 CET

HeiQ Allergen Tech WEBINAR

Explore how our heat retention innovation HeiQ XReflex turns our partner’s products into exceptionally warm apparel without sacrificing freedom of movement. HeiQ XReflex effectively reflects heat back to the body, maintaining the same level of warmth with as little as half the insulation material.

Join us for an interactive webinar featuring the cutting-edge HeiQ XReflex radiant barrier technology. During this event, our esteemed brand partner SALOMON will present their brand-new Elixir jackets, while MAMMUT will showcase the Extraordinary jacket, a collaborative creation by Mammut, Nespresso, and HeiQ. Both product lines are equipped with the HeiQ XReflex technology, providing outstanding heat performance.

Our panel of speakers includes Hugo Debrueres, Global Director of Product Apparel at Salomon, Nic Brandenberger, Chief Marketing Officer at Mammut, Kate Maiava, CEO of HX Innovation, and Tom Hussey, CEO and co-founder of Xefco. They will provide in-depth insights and address specific inquiries about the technology and its practical applications during the Q&A session of the webinar.

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