W Verbier becomes first hotel in the world to implement HeiQ Viroblock Ecosystem

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W Verbier has partnered with HeiQ and The Medical Supply Company of Switzerland (MSCS) to incorporate the HeiQ Viroblock Ecosystem – an end-to-end system designed to maintain the long-lasting cleanliness in public spaces and business environments – into its facilities management routine amid the recent lock-down introduced by the Swiss health authorities in the country.

Verbier, one of the most popular winter holiday destinations of Switzerland, has received a lot of international media coverage this season due to sudden and strict coronavirus pandemic measures affecting hundreds of vacationers. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the hospitality sector has been experiencing slowed traffic and is expecting more hygiene- and safety- cautious guests and staff.

In response to these, W Verbier has announced that it will implement the HeiQ Viroblock Ecosystem, a service that is designed to provide enhanced surface protection and confidence to guests within the establishment.

Winner of the Swiss Technology Award announced one month ago, HeiQ Viroblock is a world-leading antiviral textile and surface technology with the ability to continuously destroy viruses and bacteria with 99.99% efficacy. Originally engineered to be used on face masks and tested to increase their antiviral protection efficiency by up to 200 times, the application of this technology has now been extended to not only textiles but also other porous and non-porous surfaces, acting as a long lasting protection against microbes and germs and providing a self-hygenizing ability for as long as 30 days.

The HeiQ Viroblock Ecosystem endeavors to use the technology to cover all frequently touched surfaces. It is delivered in three approaches:

  • by regular surface treatments following a cleaning protocol
  • by providing staff with HeiQ Viroblock treated protective gear and portable HeiQ Viroblock spray for reapplication in between cleaning cycle schedules whenever necessary
  • by other innovative attributes including treatments of HVAC air filters and merchandising of HeiQ Viroblock products in-store

W Verbier has been on boarded with the first two approaches and will commence treating its rooms and environments in January to ensure that a lasting surface protective barrier is established, “Viroblocked” protective gear for the staff not only protects them during work but also significantly reduce the chance of retransmitting pathogens they may have been in contact with.

Guests entering the hotel will notice references to the ecosystem in the guestrooms and on screens displayed throughout the common areas providing an opportunity to learn more about the revolutionary antimicrobial technology.

The decision came in response to recent measures implemented by ski resorts throughout Switzerland, forcing hospitality providers to reconsider their protective measures going forward in order to ensure the safety of their guests and staff. With the HeiQ Viroblock Ecosystem, W Verbier makes itself an innovation leader within the popular holiday location in the Swiss Alps and hopes to restore a sense of confidence and normality for its guests.

We look forward to partnering with HeiQ, and believe that the Viroblock Ecosystem will be the defining step towards a new direction of safety and relaxation amongst our guests. It is our job to take away worries from them and give them the confidence and comfort so that they can enjoy their time. With this system in place, we can provide our guests an encapsulated environment, so that their experience at W Verbier can be as relaxing as always,” says Pierre-Henri Bovsovers, General Manager of W Verbier.

With our research network of 15 universities worldwide, HeiQ is here to add functionalities to all kinds of materials, be it materials used for clothing, papers or furniture. Antiviral functionality is definitely something we should look at for all kinds of surfaces, even when the pandemic is over. We are dedicated to contributing to mitigating the impact of the pandemic to our lives, the economy and to various industries. Among all, the hospitality industry is one of the most heavily affected. We are glad to partner with W Verbier to implement the HeiQ Viroblock Ecosystem by applying our globally recognized antiviral solution into their premises,” says Carlo Centonze, co-founder and CEO of HeiQ Group.