Upgraded HeiQ Smart Temp: Combining two energy actions

Upgraded HeiQ Smart Temp: Combining two energy actions to achieve instant cool and long-lasting cooling on fabrics

Based on the mechanism of the recently unveiled, patent-pending instant cooling hydro functional polymer, the Swiss textile innovator HeiQ announces that a suite of new products will be added to the HeiQ Smart Temp product family for a full range of activated cooling technology, customizable for each fabric type and intended cooling performance.

HeiQ recently launched the world’s first dynamic thermoregulation technology that enables both instant cool and long-lasting cooling on fabric activated by our own body heat. While 65% of activewear shoppers seek thermal regulation in clothing[1], activewear brands may struggle with which type of cooling solution suits the designated fabric and intended use of the final product. Performance data suggests that evaporative cooling remains the most efficient cooling action as it most closely simulates the skins’ natural sweat thermal regulating system[2]. However, static evaporation that does not adjust according to changing body temperature may lead to discomfort as a wearer gets a chill when the level of activity lowers but the cooling continues unconditionally. HeiQ’s first dynamic thermal regulation technology – to-date a leading cooling technology applied on hundreds of millions of garments of over 50 major brands worldwide, HeiQ Adaptive AC-03 – was a revolution in dynamic cooling for that cooling is activated only when the body is hot and sweaty and deactivated once the wearer’s body heat or the surrounding temperature drops[3]. The launch of HeiQ Adaptive AC-06 disrupts the market again as it, apart from the long-lasting dynamic cooling effect of vaporizing action, confers an instant cool sensation via a melting action when body heat rises, independent from moisture (i.e. before the first sign of sweat)[4], increasing cooling efficiency by delaying the build-up of body heat and sweat.

Based on the new possibility of combined cooling mechanisms, a suite of new products will be added to the HeiQ Smart Temp product family, where HeiQ Adaptive AC-03 and -06 belong. All of them share the dynamic temperature control feature and provide either instant cool, long-lasting cooling or both effects to the wearer. The two cooling actions work independent of each other, meaning that you can choose to add one or both effects depending on each fabric type and intended usage of the final product, to achieve the optimal cooling effect.

HeiQ’s long-term brand partners using HeiQ Smart Temp in their products are showing high interest in the novel cooling possibilities. These include Burton, Champion, DICK’S SecondSkin and Kjus.

HeiQ’s activated cooling technology will be featured at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (ORSM) Trend + Design Center. Come to the presentations or visit HeiQ’s booths at ORSM (booth 1039-LL, 23-26 July, Denver) and the Functional Fabric Fair (booth 417, 23-24 July, New York).


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[3] Dynamic evaporation measurement at two different sets of temperature and humidity
[4] Supported by DSC measurement and FLIR dry measurements at defined concentration on specific textiles with measurable signals depending on add on, fibre type and fabric weight