Silikon Healthcare Group granted sole distribution rights for HeiQ antiviral/antimicrobial masks to hospitals in Spain

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HeiQ Medica, a division of materials innovation conglomerate HeiQ Group, has granted the Spanish Silikon Healthcare Group exclusive rights to distribute HeiQ Viroblock, IIR,  FFP2 and HeiQ MetalliQ masks to hospitals in Spain. Silikon Healthcare will also be the authorized distributor of the full range of HeiQ Synbio cleaning products for all sectors and will be the sole bidder for national public tenders.

HeiQ Medica and Silikon Group have signed an agreement that gives Silikon Healthcare the exclusive right to distribute HeiQ Medica made-in-EU Type IIR and FFP2 masks and HeiQ MetalliQ masks as well as HeiQ Synbio products to all hospitals in Spain. The Silikon Group has long-standing experience in offering trading and specialized services in the healthcare sector and medical devices to hospitals throughout Spain.

Pedro Herranz, Managing Director of HeiQ Medica said: “Following our agreement with Combix to distribute our innovations to pharmacies in Spain, we now have extended our reach to hospitals in Spain with this new deal with Silikon Healthcare. Our high-end masks continue to be a benchmark for protective face wear, and we are pleased to know that now healthcare staff at hospitals will also reap the benefits of this protection as Silikon Healthcare builds up this market.”

HeiQ Medica’s HeiQ Viroblock Masks

  • Type IIR masks with HeiQ Viroblock: 100% European made and polyester base material with unique mechanical filtration properties that ensure prolonged high efficiency performance (full day wearing). Produced in a white room under the highest hygiene and quality standards.
  • FFP2 masks with HeiQ Viroblock: CE certified and suitable as personal protective equipment (PPE) provide the best fit and protection to consumers.

HeiQ Medica’s HeiQ MetalliQ Masks – High-tech fast acting antiviral/antimicrobial copper technology

  • HeiQ MetalliQ is a high-tech surgical mask that destroys all viruses and bacteria within minutes, tested up to 100% efficacy. The MetalliQ mask with a patented design contains an ultra-thin pure copper coating applied using a high-tech vapor deposition process, called HeiQ MetalliX, which converts a minute amount of copper into vapor, allowing it to be deposited evenly to surround each fiber.

Revolutionary Synbiotic Cleaning Products for Spanish Hospitals

In addition to the masks, Silikon will also handle distribution of HeiQ Synbio liquid cleaners and scrubs to hospitals in Spain. 100% natural Synbiotics offer a whole new approach to sanitation as they clean deeper with a longer-lasting effect, lower the risk of pathogens in hospitals leading to lower infection rates and lower antibiotic resistance. Trials with HeiQ Synbio cleaning products have shown that hospital infection rate decreased by 54% 1) and the risk of resistant germs by 89% 2)!

Swiss Technology Award 2020 Winning HeiQ Viroblock

HeiQ Viroblock turns any fabric antiviral. It’s one of the first textile technology in the world to be proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) 3). HeiQ Viroblock consists of a combination of HeiQ’s patent-pending vesicle and silver technologies. The two mechanisms of attack result in minutes 100% destruction of viruses and bacteria that is unrivaled in the industry. Safe and sustainable, HeiQ Viroblock is made of 100% cosmetic grade ingredients.

Daniel Liendo Pérez, CEO of The SiIikon Group proudly says: “For 30 years I have been connecting the healthcare sector in Spain with renowned international companies and partnering with HeiQ Medica reinforces the quality of medical devices and specialized services we can offer hospitals. For now, we will concentrate of ensuring that hospital staff is well protected with the HeiQ masks and we look forward to growing our collaboration with HeiQ Medica to extend possibly to their other outstanding innovative technologies.”


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1) Vandini et al., 2014. Hard Surface Biocontrol in Hospitals Using Microbial-Based Cleaning Products.
2) Caselli et al., 2018. Reducing healthcare associated infections incidence by a probiotic based sanitation system.
3) M.J. (2020) Report on “Viral Stability and Persistence of SARS-CoV-2 on Treated Material”. Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Australia


About Silikon

The Silikon Group is the brainchild of founder and CEO Daniel Liendo Pérez and was born from the need to connect the private hospital sector with companies and entities in its area of influence, with commercial and communication actions tailored to each channel on which it focuses. The Silikon Group is made up of three divisions: Silikon Pharma focuses on large international companies offering trading and specialized services to the healthcare sector; Silikon Healthcare specializes in medical devices and trading services between European companies, promoting agreements and synergies that favor their growth and Silikon Enterprise which is aimed at providing commercial services as an external network for the business development of the strategic units of each private hospital, developing different strategies and commercial plans together with their management.