HeiQ Smart Temp T-shirts – Keep You Cool, Dry and Comfy During Sports  

HeiQ Smart Temp cooling T-shirts are back by popular demand! 

The HeiQ Smart Temp sports T-shirt is perfect for you to engage in any strenuous sport as it is powered by HeiQ’s infamous activated cooling technology that kicks-in as soon as the body starts getting hot and sweaty and deactivates once the ideal body temperature has been achieved. 

Revolutionary HeiQ Smart Temp intelligent thermoregulation is designed to closely mimic the skin’s natural sweat thermal regulating system and through a vaporizing energy action it provides continuous evaporative cooling when you are hot. It stops working as soon as you don’t need it so you won’t get chilly.  

The sports shirts go beyond active cooling as they also prevent malodors from developing thanks to HeiQ Pure. They are now available in the MyHeiQ webshop 

T-Shirt Details:  

Activated Cooling – The ideal sports shirt for a hot summer  

  • Made in Italy 
  • Enhanced with HeiQ Smart Temp, for intelligent thermoregulation, and HeiQ Pure, for odor control 
  • Very comfortable fabric, soft touch 
  • Available in 3 colors: red, black and azure blue  
  • Men’s cut: round collar 
  • Women’s cut: V-collar 
  • Recommended to use a laundry bag for washing 
  • Delivered in a reusable, closable bag