“HeiQ Real Silk” finish brings a touch of luxury to everyone

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Luxurious tactile properties of silk reproduced by applying short silk fibers on any fabric surface thanks to HeiQ’s cutting edge short polymer fiber technology

Swiss textile technology innovator HeiQ brings the revolutionary textile finishing technology “HeiQ Real Silk” to market. Based on its recently developed and patented manufacturing technology platform for short polymer fibers a perfect treatment for the fashion industry was created. With “HeiQ Real Silk” the key properties of silk are replicated by applying a minute amount of this precious natural raw material to the surface of any fabric.

“HeiQ Real Silk” finish for any fabric type

Silk is one of the most exclusive and expensive fibers available due to the complex production of this natural raw material. The significant cost of silk has created the sense of exclusivity around silk fabrics and garments, and conveys an image of luxury. Silk is also sought after for its classic timeless appeal, comfort and beautiful luster – making this natural material in high demand by the fashion segment worldwide.

Silk is a truly unique material – soft, temperature-regulating, highly absorbent and fast-drying, highly tear-resistant and virtually wrinkle-free. HeiQ’s innovative finishing technology “HeiQ Real Silk” transfers the prized characteristics and the luxurious feel of silk to other fabric types like polyamide, polyester, cotton or its blends. Traditionally, silk use has been limited to yarns, subsequently also limiting design flexibility and engendering high costs. The “HeiQ Real Silk” treatment makes use of formulated short silk fibers which are applied by standard textile finishing processes onto the surface of any kind of fabric. By applying silk to the surface, the tactile properties of silk are reproduced in a cost effective manner. New cost-sensitive market segments can be tapped – wrapping people in Real Silk and bringing a touch of luxury to everyone.

The fashion industry in particular will benefit from HeiQ’s latest development. However, the first adopter of this innovative technology is HeiQ’s long standing partner Bekaert Deslee, the world leader in mattress ticking. Bekaert Deslee aims at creating a comfortable, luxurious and indulgent sleeping environment. Bekaert Deslee will launch their mattress ticking with “HeiQ Real Silk” during ISPA (International Sleep Products Association) in Orlando, starting from today until 12 March 2016.

Innovative and patented Short Polymer Fiber manufacturing technology platform

This “HeiQ Real Silk” technology makes use of short polymer fibers which are created in the newly developed pilot production plant at HeiQ’s R&D subsidiary in Geelong/Australia. It is a patented manufacturing process where a thin fiber is formed by a coagulation process. This advanced functional fiber material opens new opportunities for innovative textile technologies, enabling HeiQ to enlarge its wide range of high-performance textile finishes.

HeiQ Real Silk – Sample Policy

HeiQ is still in full process of scaling up its innovative manufacturing plant for the manufacture of short polymer fibers. Therefore, HeiQ has selected its long standing innovation partners as first adopters. Samples to third party are available staring from 1st July 2016. Interested Brands are kindly asked to announce their interest in “HeiQ Real Silk”.