HeiQ introduces the allies in the fight against the “sleep enemies”

HeiQ will present a host of innovative technologies to battle those enemies of sleep represented by heat, odor, and inanimate allergens, thereby addressing one of the most underrated elements that hinder a healthy life: a good night’s sleep.

In recent decades, sleep has been the focus of numerous studies that overwhelmingly indicate that sleep is equally essential for the preservation of the human species on par with eating, drinking, and reproducing. This comes as no surprise as about one-third of our lives is spent sleeping!

According to neuroscientist Matthew Walker in his acclaimed book Why We Sleep, “routinely sleeping less than six or seven hours a night demolishes your immune system, more than doubling your risk of cancer.”

Three of the most notorious enemies of sleep are heat, odor, and inanimate allergens. HeiQ has developed technologies that help to fight them and promote better sleep quality for all.

  • HeiQ Cool – the world’s first textile technology to deliver both instant contact cooling and continuous evaporative cooling for optimal well-being during sleep.
  • HeiQ Mint – a plant-based deodorizer that controls odor development on textiles, providing fabrics with a long-lasting odor control capability that keeps textiles smelling fresh for longer.
  • HeiQ Allergen* Tech – a 100% biobased, proprietary technology that reduces exposure to allergens such as house dust mite matter, and pet allergens with the help of active probiotics. The technology is tested and certified by an accredited lab, BMA Labor in Bochum, Germany, and has been granted the Allergy UK Seal of Approval by The British Allergy Foundation.

These effective ingredients are already being applied to final products by HeiQ’s partners, who are also helping to improve the nights of millions. Among them are Trendsetter/John Lewis pillows, duvets, and mattress protectors (with HeiQ Cool & HeiQ Allergen Tech), Trident Jiva Hypoallergenic bed linen (with HeiQ Allergen Tech), Belfama shower towels (with HeiQ Mint), and Lameirinho bed linen/bed sheets (with HeiQ Allergen Tech).

The above mentioned and HeiQ will showcase the allies in the fight against the elements that hamper a good night’s sleep at Heimtextil 2023, and invite visitors to learn more about the science behind these technologies for the bedding industry first-hand at Messe Frankfurt (Hall 11, Booth B31), in Frankfurt, Germany, 10-13 January 2023. HeiQ will have an interactive experience waiting for the visitors.

* Inanimate allergens such as house dust mite matter & pet allergens.