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HeiQ new branding
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HeiQ has developed and improved its branding strategy to provide its brand partners with the most effective way of communicating the added value of the HeiQ technologies they use and drive business at point of sale.

HeiQ reinforces its position in the market as a game changer with the launch of its new umbrella branding strategy. Within the new branding strategy all the technologies sit under the HeiQ parent (or umbrella) brand. The new technology names all contain the HeiQ brand as well as the consumer benefit of the technology. Thus HeiQ’s intelligent dynamic cooling technology Adaptive becomes HeiQ Smart Temp and the fluorine-free water repellent technology Barrier Eco becomes HeiQ Eco Dry.

  • HeiQ Fresh Tech (ex. Pure)
  • HeiQ Smart Temp (ex. Adaptive)
  • HeiQ Eco Dry (ex. Barrier Eco)
  • HeiQ Glide (ex. Glider)
  • HeiQ Sun Block (ex. Ultraviolet)

The new HeiQ naming allows the end consumer to quickly see what benefit the technology is providing and therefore quickly understand the added value and merit of the product enhanced with the HeiQ technology thus increasing chance of a successful conversion.

The new branding strategy also adds value at Point of Sale by explicitly using the HeiQ brand name. Consumer research has shown that the HeiQ brand and the HeiQ tag line “Swiss Tech Inside” give the end consumer many value-adding positive associations including: high-quality, expertise and precision. When looking at a product enhanced with a HeiQ technology and using the HeiQ brand consumers can therefore be reassured that they are choosing a high quality product with innovative features provided by a reliable Swiss technology company.

As a global player in the textile technology industry HeiQ knows that having brands that are trademark protected worldwide is a must. HeiQ took this important consideration to heart when developing its new brand strategy and naming and therefore brings its brand partners a globally registered HeiQ brand that they can use in their markets.

By placing all their technologies under the HeiQ umbrella brand, HeiQ gives its brand partners the ability to take advantage of the double halo effect of the HeiQ brand. Not only do they benefit from the positive attributes of the HeiQ brand and its tag line, they also benefit from the track record of all the other HeiQ technologies thanks to the new consistent naming convention.

HeiQ is committed to being a true partner to its brand partners and therefore offers a 360 degree marketing service including consumer research, strategic expertise, online communication, social networking, PR and print to support brand partners and increase product sales and profits.

HeiQ is a fast, flexible and innovative company with passion for success. All these values are a core of the brand’s DNA and are infused in all its technologies, which will be presented at ISPO Munich, booth number 401 in hall C3, on 24-27 January 2016.