HeiQ and Nylstar launch HeiQ Viroblock Permanent on Meryl Zero Microfiber Pollution High Performance Fabric

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A decade long collaboration between Swiss textile innovator HeiQ and Spanish premium synthetic fiber manufacturer Nylstar, has resulted in the innovation of a revolutionary new premium antiviral and antimicrobial textile with zero pollution sustainable benefits, Meryl® Skinlife Force powered by HeiQ Viroblock Permanent, winner of ISPO Textrends Award for the Best Product.

With the commencement of the pandemic, two leading textile innovators HeiQ and Nylstar pooled resources developed over a decade long collaboration to create a premium synthetic fiber that was sustainable, antimicrobial and durable, in short, the optimal fusion of innovative ingredient into sustainably made materials. A record-breaking development speed of just six months resulted in the launch of HeiQ Viroblock Permanent, a new technology under the immensely successful HeiQ Viroblock technology platform. The new technology is used exclusively on Meryl® Skinlife Force, an innovative hi-tech fabric that combines the silver-ion active principle antimicrobial properties developed by HeiQ and Nylstar’s hydrogen-based technology which allows the creation of yarns with a very strong molecular cohesion structure. The Hydrogen molecular structure makes Meryl® Skinlife Force a high-performance fabric in terms of moisture management and breathability, offering a natural stretch without elastane as well as excellent durability thanks to its continuous and high tenacity filaments. The robust durability of HeiQ Viroblock Permanent is achieved thanks to the silver particles being added directly into the raw polymer of the yarn thereby keeping these properties active for the lifetime of garments. Fabric samples successfully demonstrated a very strong antimicrobial efficacy with over 99.99% reduction of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria after 100 washes. Antiviral test is underway.

“With the launch of HeiQ Viroblock Permanent on this premium fabric that can be implemented in environments with high hygienic and sanitary requirements such as medical, hospitality and sports, HeiQ and Nylstar aim to make a strong social contribution to stemming the spread of the global pandemic and for post-pandemic use, delivering on our mission to improve lives of billions of people,” said Carlo Centonze, co-founder and CEO of HeiQ.

Sustainability and Circularity of Meryl® Skinlife Force HeiQ Viroblock Permanent

Nylstar’s zero microfiber release in combination with HeiQ Viroblock Permanent technology bring the textile industry the necessary quality and touch without polluting air and water. Meryl® Skinlife Force HeiQ Viroblock Permanent hi-tech fabric is certified by STANDARD 100 Oekotex assuring the consumer that the product is free of harmful substances, and all 100% Meryl® fabrics are completely and infinitely recyclable without suffering any loss of performance, for a fully sustainable and circular economy. Meeting the most demanding antimicrobial and durability qualities for the lifetime of the garments, this premium fabric is the perfect match for discerning medical, hospitality and sports professionals who wish for durable protection not just in the time of the pandemic but well beyond into a post-pandemic future.

“Meryl® Skinlife Force powered by HeiQ Viroblock Permanent is fabricated to meet the most exacting requirements on performance and sustainability of consumers in today’s day and age”, said Alfonso Cirera, Executive Chairman of Nylstar.

ISPO Textrends 2021 BEST PRODUCT

Both HeiQ and Nylstar will be “exhibiting” at ISPO Munich Online from February 1st to 5th. Nylstar won the Textrends 2021 Award for the Best Product in the Base Layer Category.

The jury, composed of international experts (journalists, designers, independent professionals), has selected Meryl Sublime fabric with Skinlife Force HeiQ Viroblock Permanent technology made in a collaboration with Feinjersey as Best Product in the category of Base Layers for Fall/ Winter 2022/23.

Visit their virtual booth to learn more about these innovative technologies.


About Nylstar

Nylstar is a leading technological company and pioneer in the application of hydrogen technology to obtain high quality Meryl® yarns with zero microfiber pollution and natural stretch properties, together with an exceptional touch and performance. Nylstar’s hydrogen-based technology provides a complete solution for the microplastics problem in the world. Thanks to the extraordinary tenacity with its strong molecular cohesion of the high-quality Meryl® yarns, there is no microfiber release and gives the garments a long durability. Nylstar’s Hydrogen technology allows creation of 100% post-consumer recyclable garments thanks to the natural stretch that completely avoids the use of elastane. The Nylstar’s continuous innovation program is to permanently engineer performance and functionality in Meryl® yarns in order to reduce use of water, energy and chemical use to move forward to a complete circular economy.
For Meryl Skinlife Force product enquiries, please contact www.nylstar.com