HeiQ Life

Antimicrobial additives
for coatings & polymers

Welcome to HeiQ Life  

Established in 2008 in Bangkok, Thailand, as Life Material Technologies, the company joined HeiQ Group in 2021 as HeiQ Life. Our team is specialized in antimicrobial additives and treatments used by manufacturers of plastics, coatings, textiles, ceramics, and paper.

Materials that incorporate our cutting-edge antimicrobial additives keep products cleaner and extend product useful life by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, and other micro-organisms on consumer, commercial and industrial product surfaces.

  • Prevent deterioration and staining of building products
  • Reduce bacterial odors in textiles
  • Keep food handling areas cleaner with antimicrobial product protection
  • Keep bedding and carpeting fresher
  • Enhance the cleanliness of medical surfaces between cleanings
  • Peace of mind for consumers and commercial buyers in many industries


Antimicrobial additives for plastics

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HeiQ antimicrobial additives for polymers

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Extruded antimicrobial fibers

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HeiQ antimicrobial in-melt solutions for extruded fibers

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