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Allergen & odor control – Probiotic hygiene for happy pets and happy owners


Clean your pet and its environment with probiotics, not with disinfectants, harsh chemicals or soap! Designed in nature, perfected by science, HeiQ Synbio Pet helps maintain a balanced microbiome on your pet’s skin, pelt and environment.

HeiQ Synbio Pet’s unique blend of probiotics and prebiotics reduces and helps prevent unpleasant odors from pets and creates the perfect environment for improving healthy skin and pelt appearance.

  • Probiotic allergen & odor control
  • Microscopic deep clean that removes even the smallest impurities
  • Remove proteins, dust and organic dirt from pet’s pelt
  • Maintain a balanced microbiome on your pet and its surroundings

Pet Spray


Probiotic allergen and odor control for house pets, for direct use on the pet and its surroundings.


  • A HeiQ Synbio Pet care regimen helps rebuild the balanced microbiome on your pet’s skin and pelt
  • A well-balanced body microbiome can:
    • soothe the pet’s skin & hair
    • enhance skin’s natural protective barrier
    • help increase the skin’s natural ability for visible self-repair
    • actively reduce odor
    • probiotics are active dirt removers that clean skin and hair on a microscopic level
  • Reduces allergens on pet hair
  • Unique combination of probiotics and prebiotics
  • Probiotics are good bacteria that have a beneficial effect on animal health


  • All probiotic bacterial strains are naturally occurring soil microorganisms that have not been not manufactured with genetically modified organisms (changed by recombinant DNA techniques)
  • The components of probiotics are readily biodegradable, and their degradation products are considered safe for fauna, flora, livestock, or poultry
  • All probiotics used belong to Biosafety Level (BSL) 1 and are not considered pathogenic
  • The SYNBIO Clean products meet the EU Ecolabel criteria
  • 15 years of safe use in hospitals and clinical studies
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