Clean less with synbiotics

Innovative probiotic cleaning products

HeiQ Synbio Clean is a range of innovative probiotic cleaning products. Designed in nature, perfected by science, it gives a much deeper, far longer lasting clean to all the surfaces. Meaning it’s great for your home, and great for your environment.

The active ingredients, a unique synergy of probiotics and prebiotics, go to work in every nook and cranny, and keep on going long after traditional cleaning products have given up. Leaving your home not just clean, but Synbio clean.

Cleaning Spray


Innovative all-purpose cleaning spray, enriched with good bacteria (probiotics) that continue to work for days after cleaning, reducing overall cleaning needs and leaving your home not just clean, but Synbio clean.

Allergen Spray


Probiotic textile spray that breaks down common allergens (e.g. dust mite matter, proteins in cat and dog hair, or dander) and reduces unpleasant odors.


  • Breaks down dirt and grime for days through continuous cleaning, microscopically purifying down to the deepest pores
  • Synbio is not just a neutralizer or cover up, the probiotics solve the root of the problem
  • Probiotic cleaners can consume dust, pet dander and pollen on surfaces and in the air reducing inanimate allergens
  • pH neutral, safe for most surfaces* including varnished and porous surfaces
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Made with biodegradable materials and sustainably sourced probiotic and prebiotics
  • Alternative to harsher chemical cleaners
  • 15 years of safe use in hospitals and clinical studies
  • Awarded with EU Ecolabel for cleaning agents, Cradle2Cradle Gold compatible

*Safe for surfaces that can be cleaned with water


Were you raised with the belief that all bacteria are bad? They’re not! In fact, you would not be able to survive without help of the good bacteria that e.g. populate our gut.

Synbiotics are a unique synergy of probiotics and prebiotics. When cleaning with HeiQ Synbio Clean, you use our friends, the probiotics (good bacteria), by depositing a layer of them on the surface. The additional prebiotics stimulate a good, diverse surface microbiome. Our probiotics produce enzymes that break down dirt into tiny particles, both during and after cleaning, absorbing the particles and digesting them as food. Probiotics continue to function for days after cleaning, providing a long-lasting cleaning effect. The results: a microscopic deep clean and long-lasting absorption of odors.



  • All probiotic bacterial strains are naturally occurring soil microorganisms that have not been manufactured with genetically modified organisms (changed by recombinant DNA techniques)
  • The components of probiotics are readily biodegradable, and their degradation products are considered safe for fauna, flora, livestock, or poultry
  • All probiotics used belong to Biosafety Level (BSL) 1 and are not considered pathogenic
  • The SYNBIO Clean Pro products meet the EU Ecolabel criteria
  • 15 years of safe use in hospitals and clinical studies

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