Care more with synbiotics

Innovative probiotic personal care for a strong skin microbiome

Designed in nature, perfected by science, HeiQ Synbio Care is the ultimate personal care range for a balanced microbiome.

Its unique blend of probiotics and prebiotics can optimize the microbiome on your skin to create the perfect environment for renewing, rebalancing, and improving healthy skin appearance.

HeiQ Synbio Care’s natural active ingredients mean it’s great for you and great for your environment!

Body Lotion


Ultimate skin cream for a balanced microbiome. Its unique blend of probiotics and prebiotics nourishes the skin to help improve hydration and healthy skin appearance.

Probiotic Hand Gel


Refreshing probiotic, no-rinse hand wash to gently cleanse and revitalize skin. This probiotic hand gel refreshes your skin and provides an extra boost of good bacteria to support a balanced skin microbiome.

Athlete Spray


For feet, shoes and sportswear to prevent odors and balance the microbiome. Athlete Spray helps break-up the smelly components of sweat and grime to remove and prevent unpleasant odors. It can be directly applied on the foot, socks, shoes and clothes.


  • A HeiQ Synbio Care personal care regiment helps rebuild the skin’s balanced microbiome
  • A well-balanced body microbiome can:
    • soothe skin
    • help to reduce pimples
    • enhance skin’s natural protective barrier
    • help increase the skin’s natural ability for visible self-repair
    • actively reduce body odor
    • probiotics are active dirt removers that clean the skin on a microscopic level
  • Unique combination of probiotics and prebiotics
  • Probiotics are good bacteria that have a beneficial effect on human health


Were you raised with the belief that all bacteria are bad? They’re not! In fact, you would not be able to survive without help of the good bacteria that e.g. populate our gut.

With HeiQ Synbio Care, you put our friends, the probiotics (good bacteria), to work by depositing a layer of them on your skin, hair and clothes. The probiotics help to defend against external elements and keep the skin and hair clean, nourished and odor-free.



  • All probiotic bacterial strains are naturally occurring soil microorganisms that have not been not manufactured with genetically modified organisms (changed by recombinant DNA techniques)
  • The components of probiotics are readily biodegradable, and their degradation products are considered safe for fauna, flora, livestock, or poultry
  • All probiotics used belong to Biosafety Level (BSL) 1 and are not considered pathogenic
  • The SYNBIO Clean products meet the EU Ecolabel criteria
  • 15 years of safe use in hospitals and clinical studies

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