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The company was founded as Rent A Scientist (RAS) in 1995 by three chemists from the University of Regensburg. Biologists, physicists and material scientists joined the growing team, filing an average of 10 patents per year! This innovative company joined the HeiQ Group in 2021.

Services & Products


As specialists in the development of highly functional materials, we support your R&D projects through innovation services, technology transfer and funding acquisition to success. In many cases we resort to the synthesis of nanomaterials.

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HeiQ ECOS silver nanowire applications

HeiQ Xpectra transparent conductive coatings

A groundbreaking approach to building insulation that meets stringent EU energy regulations.

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Additives for the protection of bacteria, fungi and viruses in the textile industry, paints and coatings, medical technology, and agriculture.

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HeiQ antimicrobial additives for polymers


Solutions include antimicrobial additives and masterbatches for food contact, drinking water contact, and high transparency applications.

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Xaver Hangartner 
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Dr. Georg Maier
Supervisory Board Member

Dr. Robert Nusko
Supervisory Board Member

Dr. Oliver Zech
Chairman of the Board  

What our customers say

“Thanks to the support of HeiQ RAS in applying for the research grant, we were able to successfully advance our innovation projects. Their expertise and efficient way of working helped us to make the most of the financial support. We are very satisfied with their work and can recommend HeiQ RAS to others.” Michael Wolf, Managing Director at Wolf Bavaria

“We would like to thank HeiQ RAS for their professional support in submitting funding applications. As an SME, we cannot always keep up with the requirements of complex funding programs ourselves and are therefore happy to work with experts in this field.” Martin Deimling, Managing Director at PR Recycling GmbH

“Kirsch Kunststofftechnik has a long-standing, successful development cooperation with HeiQ RAS. Their nanowire technology has opened up new markets for us.” Martin Kirsch, Managing Director of Kirsch Kunststofftechnik GmbH

“The products of B+H Solutions were able to optimally benefit from the extraordinary properties of the HeiQ RAS additives. Our trust in the material competence of HeiQ RAS AG has led to a long-term cooperation, on which we are building our future.” Martin Heinisch, Managing Director of B+H Solutions GmbH

“GBneuhaus maintains an intensive exchange with HeiQ RAS. Together we maintain a successful joint venture under the brand HeiQ SANPURE®.” Michael Petry, Managing Director of GBneuhas GmbH

“For several years, Epple Druckfarben AG has been working successfully with HeiQ RAS AG on the development of new products. Their antimicrobial additives have greatly expanded our product range in the graphic arts industry.” Stefan Schülling, Executive Board

“The development professionals at HeiQ RAS have been supporting our pre-development for many years. Their specific competencies and goal-oriented cooperation make them an ideal partner for BSH Hausgeräte.” Michael Rupp, Head of Pre-Development of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

Some of the many brands we work with