Spotlight on our Partners

HeiQ is proud to be trusted by hundreds of brands and thousands of mills worldwide. We would like to highlight some of the thousands of success stories here.

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Meet the brand-new Extraordinary Jacket: Three innovative Swiss brands have joined forces to create a unique garment in the outdoor industry. Nespresso, Mammut, and HeiQ unveil the Extraordinary Jacket – where Swiss design meets next-level textile technology, delivering unbeatable performance and sustainability.

Mammut’s super-light Ajungilak® insulation now incorporates the HeiQ XReflex technology powered by Xefco, which contains part of the aluminum from recycled Nespresso capsules. Thanks to the ingenious HeiQ XReflex 3D aluminized scrim layer, this jacket outperforms conventional insulation, reflecting body’s heat for effortless warmth. Available now on Mammut’s webshop and Nespresso Swiss webshop.

Our groundbreaking technology, HeiQ XReflex powered by Xefco, empowers Salomon to deliver on their brand promise like never before. Imagine staying cozy without the bulk. HeiQ XReflex offers a remarkable 20% boost in body heat retention without adding extra insulation, giving you unmatched warmth and the freedom to move with ease.

Thanks to the innovative collaboration between Salomon, HeiQ XReflex, and Primaloft Crosscore, the Elixir Hybrid Hooded Insulator brings the true science of warmth right to your wardrobe.

BOSS has launched a beautiful line of garments, powered by HeiQ Mint for best-in-class odor control. The plant-based deodorizer HeiQ Mint controls malodor development on textiles, providing fabrics with a long-lasting odor control capability that keeps textiles smelling fresh all day long. The new pieces – a light sweatshirt, jogging trousers, functional polo shirts and trainers – are part of the BOSS Green Collection.

Proud to play a part in such high-quality technical gear! Our partner, First Lite®, introduces their ‘Trace’ hunting gear, featuring HeiQ Pure for odor control. It’s a practical game-changer, offering excellent breathability and scent control for a comfortable and stealthy hunting experience.

Explore First Lite®’s products with HeiQ Pure!

The eco-friendly, innovative and PFC-free DWR technology HeiQ Eco Dry is now featured in Ridestore’s latest Dope ski and snowboard wear collection!

HeiQ Eco Dry mimics nature to deliver fluorocarbon-free durable water repellent features that are so essential against snow and rain making this stylish collection perfect for the mountains.

CALIDA, the Swiss brand renowned for close to skin wear, is committed to quality that stays beautiful for years and comfort that consistently convinces. With its mission to make the best underwear, daywear, nightwear or loungewear, every CALIDA product is a promise for the future for every day, for every night, for big and small. CALIDA’S Spacer Lounge articles are powered by HeiQ Fresh odor control, ensuring sustainable and lasting freshness. For CALIDA, making the best underwear also means not producing it at the expense of future generations. Because sustainability should not be a fashion, but a promise.

Since 2017, Kai Corporation offers “Gran Bio”, cleaning products powered by HeiQ Synbio, to hotels, cleaning companies and restaurants in Japan. Only when customers use “Gran Bio” are they able to get rid of persistent bad odors that inhabit e.g. “solitary death” spaces or grease traps in busy kitchens. Game changer!

As a company that has been providing luxurious sleep experiences for over a century, The Fine Bedding Company, a Certified B Corporation® knows the importance of ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

With HeiQ Allergen* Tech, The Fine Bedding Company delivers sustainable functional innovation that benefits the end consumer and adds value for wider adoption.

In the sweltering summer of 2023, Jumbo-Visma’s cycling trio – Jonas Vingegaard, Primoz Roglic, and Sepp Kuss – conquered Europe’s three prestigious Grand Tours. What powered their triumphant journey through the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a España? AGU‘s cutting-edge cycling kits, enhanced with HeiQ Smart Temp technology.

This triumphant collaboration between AGU and HeiQ reaffirms the power of innovation in sports, demonstrating that with the right gear, victory is within reach.

Outdoor Research® is dedicated to inspiring the journey ahead with award-winning technical apparel and accessories. OR ActiveFresh™ powered by HeiQ Fresh and OR ActiveTemp™ powered by HeiQ Smart Temp help users stay comfortable when exploring outside.

Outdoor Research is committed to improving their customer’s experience through innovative materials, purpose-driven features and versatile products that are backed by their Infinite Guarantee®.

Mammut®, a top alpine and outdoor apparel brand, is renowned for uncompromised performance among high-altitude adventurers. The company faced the challenge of delivering effective, sustainable, and biobased odor control for active wear in extreme environments and harsh weather conditions. To meet this challenge, Mammut® turned to HeiQ, which provided a solution that met all requirements with HeiQ Fresh, a textile technology that keeps garments fresh for longer. It offers durable odor control that keeps customers’ clothing items free from body odor even in the most demanding situations.


HeiQ partners with Speedo to create faster racing suits for swimming! In 2016 and 2019, Speedo launched Fastskin© suits treated with a drag reduction technology that, by modifying the surface of the fabric at a microscopic level, makes the water glide over  the fabric. Speedo’s Fastskin swimsuits are made with highly technical woven fabrics and construction that combines compression with freedom of movement to help swimmers cut through the water. The HeiQ drag reduction fabric technology was inspired by swordfish skin and is aimed at giving swimmers a distinct edge in the water.

For over 25 years, BUFF® has premiered and innovated the headwear category. Today, BUFF® continues its heritage of quality and reliability of multifunctional headwear.

In Spring 2019, the company launched the new CoolNet UV+® with HeiQ Smart Temp’s activated cooling technology to keep the wearer cool and comfortable.

Launched in 2017, Burton’s Living Lining incorporates HeiQ Smart Temp to ensure that you can regulate your body temperature throughout any activity.

The dynamic thermoregulating technology retains body heat at times of rest, and allows heat to escape when you are active.

Burton’s Living Lining incorporates HeiQ Smart Temp to maintain a comfortable temperature for your when you are hiking in the back country, on the chairlift, or at the après ski party.

Dickies Temp-iQ™ Advanced Cooling Tees feature the intelligent thermoregulation technology HeiQ Smart Temp and will be Dickies’ key product release for the Spring 2018 season.

These Cooling Tees are built like classic work tees but perform like an athletic tee.

Our dynamic cooling technology HeiQ Smart Temp was successfully introduced across the Hanes men’s underwear and socks range as the X-Temp platform. X-Temp provides Hanes’ apparel products with dynamic cooling and moisture control features resulting in greater comfort. This technology has been developed to keep consumers cool and dry in response to their level of activity.

View Hanes X-Temp video: Hanes X-Temp & X-MEN

HeiQ Fresh empowers Mammut’s Alpine Underwear collection. Mammut is an icon of the pure, natural freshness of Swiss mountain living.

So when Mammut needed to add freshness functionality to its new line of alpine underwear, it was crucial that both the highest quality and true Swiss values were reflected in the solution.

CEP made their Run Socks even better! The CEP Socks of the Generation 3.0 provide optimum performance and recovery, and are designed for those who expect more from their performance gear.

CEP Socks 3.0 feature an ideal temperature and moisture management thanks to the HeiQ Smart Temp technology.

Kenneth Cole is an American designer, social activist, and visionary who believes business and philanthropy are interdependent. His global company, Kenneth Cole Productions, creates modern, versatile, and functional footwear, clothing, and accessories that make daily dressing effortless for Men, Women, and Kids. In 2021, Kenneth Cole has launched woven and neoprene products powered by HeiQ HyProTecht. 


Jayashree Textiles, one of India’s leading wool and linen manufacturers and a global consumer-focused brand, has always strived to address customer feedback as well as the impact generated by economic and environmental changes. They chose HeiQ technologies to enhance their Linen+ product with sustainable odor control and activated cooling. Their most revolutionary creation – Linen Club Comfy Cool – is an active cooling fabric developed for consumers who love linen and don’t want to worry about the temperature outside. Linen Club Comfy Cool features HeiQ Smart Temp and HeiQ Fresh.

The activewear brand prAna recently enhanced its Performance Collection with the long-lasting odor control technology HeiQ Fresh to durably and efficiently eliminate bad smells from textiles and assure the wearer day-long freshness just like coming out from the shower.

Clothing should enhance your life – it’s not just about looking better, but about feeling better. Thermoregulation technology helps keep you dry, cool and comfortable all day long. Royal Robbins’ TempraTech™ collection incorporates HeiQ Smart Temp to ensure you don’t have to change your clothes through the day just because the temperature changes.

Thanks to the dual thermoregulating technology, the wearer stays cool when it’s hot and retains heat when the temperature drops.

SECOND SKIN is specifically engineered high-performance training and compression gear, introduced by DICK’S SPORTING GOODS in FW2017.

Selected items are powered by HeiQ Smart Temp, designed for the toughest kinds of training. As athletes work harder, this dynamic fabric responds and delivers dynamic cooling and moisture management so they stay cool, dry and comfortable.

AAPE+ by *A BATHING APE® is the new sports fashion line introduced in Spring 2018.

Not less stylish and comfortable than any other product of the brand, these fashionistas’ sports gear feature a set of performance technologies, including HeiQ Fresh in the base-layer and HeiQ Eco Dry on the outer wear.

The innovation by KJUS and HeiQ strives for passion and excitement. KJUS FRX fabrics entail innovative technologies by HeiQ that enable high performance to reach further and higher.

KJUS with HeiQ Fresh and HeiQ Smart Temp

SKINS main compression sportswear range A400 is empowered by HeiQ Smart Temp controlling temperature like a second skin.

Based on HeiQ initiated testing, conducted at RMIT University, SKINS claims that wearing SKINS treated with HeiQ Smart Temp can keep you cooler than not wearing anything at all.

Coats applies innovative techniques to develop high technology Performance Materials threads, yarns and fabrics in areas such as Transportation, Telecommunications and Energy, and Personal Protection. 

Coats ProtectV incorporates HeiQ HyProTecht Technology into a wide range of sewing threads and engineered yarns, adding odor resistance to every stitch. The strategic partnership gives Coats a global exclusivity to HeiQ HyProTecht technology in threads and yarns for sewing and stitching. 

2A-NYGUARD is the heir company of TAURUS ZIPPERS, the first company in Europe to produce zippers in the 1930s. The headquarters and main production plants are located in Italy. Zippers are an often-touched part of garments and thus can become easily vile. This is why 2A decided to enhance their product with HeiQ HyProTecht and develop NYSHIELD, the world’s first zipper protected by this technology. Every single element of the NYSHIELD zipper has been successfully tested at the HeiQ laboratories. 

Known since 1924, OCM has excelled in manufacturing tweeds and worsted suiting. The factory is based in Amritsar, Punjab, India. Amritsar is a holy city of the Golden Temple, and is considered as one of the most suitable places for getting a finesse in fabric ‘feel’ because of the superior water quality in the city. 

Powered by HeiQ HyProTecht and NEO TECH® special techniques, the brand aims to provide a truly effective and efficient product to the consumers. 

Since 40 years, Donear Industries has been a household name in yarn dyed shirting and dope-dyed suiting in 4-way stretch and rigid fabric. While they have a big presence in India, they are one of the major overseas exporters as well. 

Product innovation and very high service levels have been the key drivers for Donear’s growth. 

Powered by NEO TECH® and HeiQ HyProTecht, the brand is set to usher in a new era for fabrics. 

GRADO is the coming together of erstwhile brand GRASIM Suiting (now GBTL India) and OCM in order to provide worsted and dope dyed PV/TR under the same brand umbrella with fully integrated manufacturing units at OCM and GBTL Ltd. 

GBTL INDIA, renowned for its superior quality and timely delivery, is a leading exporter world over, especially with a well-establish footprint in Europe and U.S.A. markets. 

GRADO has collaborated with NEO TECH® and HeiQ HyProTecht to leverage their revolutionary anti-microbial technologies. 

Bekaert Deslee and HeiQ developed the next generation innovation in bedding textiles and won the Interzum 2013 Award for intelligent material and design. Bekaert Deslee applied HeiQ Smart Temp (former Adaptive) technology to bedding textiles realizing a breakthrough in keeping the consumer comfortably cool and dry throughout the night.

View Bekaert Deslee video: Bekaert Textiles Success Story

In the hot and humid tropical climate, activated cooling function by HeiQ Smart Temp seems the most relevant for ensuring wearer comfort and performance.

Thai sportswear brand “EGO PRIME” launched in 2018 with Hidrosmart Technology, featuring HeiQ Smart Temp to give the wearer perfect balance, perfect performance in every movement.

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